Monday, January 3, 2011

of 2010... the best


telephone - shad
all i want is you - miguel feat. j. cole
maybach music 3 - rick ross and friends
window seat - erykah badu
i want you - cee-lo
rose garden - shad
up all night - drake
over - drake
i need a dollar - aloe blacc
taxi - mos def


thank me later - drake...
i'm thanking him now, many a drunken and contemplative night (not neccesarily mutually exclusive) i found myself listening to this album. anyone who can appreciate the failure (or success) of catching the last subway on a friday or saturday night to kipling or the untouchable feeling that two bottles of grey goose will do to you and your crew will understand.
the personification of 'act as if'.

tsol - shad...
tis a great thing to see your friends shine at what they are awesome at.
telephone still makes me smile like he wrote it for me.
yaa i get it makes me rewind and screw my face up.
rose garden makes me pick myself up and try again.

the sea - corrine bailey rae...
i want to hug her.
take her argyle shopping. sip tea street-side with her.
and just observe her from a distance all at the same time.
folk said the first album was way too sugary, this album was straight no chaser, hurt and love lost from the inside looking out. album plays like a story you know the end to, but must finish nonetheless.

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