Friday, December 17, 2010

girl meets world

girl meets world
moving too fast
still getting
put on blast
for dirty dishes
battling dirty deeds
one tear at a time
crime pays
so she in line
for unemployment
cheques bounce
like her head nods
to instrumentals
new essential
finding solace
in the snare
and benevolence
in the bass
reminiscent of
space and time
lunchroom rhymes
of fellas playing
hook line and sinker
with moves
that would only
sink her
self-wealth but
in real
has her out of the red
no more being
smoked out
choked out
looking for a
way out
in the mirror
images are clearer
12 mega-pixels
in the graduation
from hey young girl
to woman
of the world
knowledge is power
so she bats clean-up
always coming home
to the real fan
real man in her life
lil’ man learning
how to clean up
respecting when..
she cleans up
after him
and doesn’t
holla or stare when…
she cleans up
mother not ma
when she steps out
careful not show out
rockin the clutch
in clutch moments
still learning and atoning
all the while growing
world meet girl…
accept her and  her terms

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God's Girl said...

I get it....and by get, I mean love.