Thursday, September 8, 2011

inspired by 32 bars of the roots and ms badu

i found the perfect loop
and was lost in the beat
you went from subway screwface
to turnstile trepidation
but lamentations turned
to shared testaments
as we progressed along pavement
pedestrians played witness
to this bliss
hooked on cool water scents
and looking to rent
in transit
but planning transitions
walking with something special
while en route to the walk-in special
forget the next chick, friday night i'm checkin my netflix
in queue with sequels
and giving speeches on the prequel
to anyone who will listen
while the dj spin
partial dubstep, we twostep

or what club i went to with my homies...
baby don't worry you know that you got me 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

night and day (lyrics)

Initial attraction brought static 
and reactionary postures
Had me claustrophobic in feeling
A release was in queue
She in plain view same day same time
same game same line is how it plays out in my mind
if only I could get my mind into meeting her 
on the street corner
we could develop discourse
and entertain  engagement
of reoccurring thought and body contact
simple math had one plus her equaling us 
forget the token for the bus, miss
we can walk and talk, yes?

we could map out a future in the coffee shop
with a sidewalk view  of passerbys
make sure the moment doesn’t pass us by
get pedestrian with ours, smell flowers 
put away the umbrella for rain showers
our forecast could dismiss the overcast
and see the sun thru the rain
see the pleasure thru the pain
see the months and days
but for now
im living the moment and working the
to take this kinetic and attempt some 
energy between us 
due process and progress
like night and day

Monday, July 18, 2011

for st.clair west

to fall in love
while riding westbound
on st. clair
would be to fall
in line
with my past
to reintroduce self
to oakwood and
to rarely venture beyond keele
to negotiate porch space
2 steps below her
but perfectly in line
the art and entertainment
of corso italia passerbys
time well spent
give her up for lent
and fall from love
into temptation
put a motown step
in my walk
she got me practicing
romance in my talk
buidling with baianos
on the block
she'd be thoro but with flare
leave me dedicated
like the right of way
it'd be a nice way
to fall in...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

you dont know my name... a coffee shop spit

even if my faith is as
small as a mustard seed
i believe she'll come
back in that mustard skirt
for a second cup
to build on this first
the world stopped
connectivity lost
mid call and chat convo
record skipping
her red jacket with
the white ribbing
atop the collar
no number to call her
but would settle to kik it with her
3rd party
under grey skies
rocking grey leggings
first glance
left me feelin like greg jennings
post super bowl XLV
i'm not lookin for a ring
but would settle
for an appearance
a chance to unpress the mute
drop the bold and be bold...
give the fam a story
that should be told

Friday, March 4, 2011

ode to the female form on queen west... a quick one

she keeps on passing me by
fixed gear meets fixed stare
fixated, left deliberating
dating, damage control and
whether cabbage was a bad idea
falafel stand pimpin
boss telling me to "go in"
but thin is the line
between bliss and simpin
simply slow down miss
lets reminiscence on built form
discuss the norms of boy meets girl
common ground touched
lack of seats on the 501am rush
from steve jobs to when we had no jobs
the small graces of underemployment
and whether your secondment
is worth a second mention of us
but we play it by ear
let a path clear while
backstreeting to bellwoods
finding currency in face value
she smiles..

Friday, February 11, 2011

a love story in reverse... or a breakup

the end
the beginning
and solicitation
is the salutation
the night starts with
fresh off a fifth to deal with
this bitter path
of stepping away from a better half
the record skipped
and the cd scratched
soundtrack to love
is now static
remixed with cigarette ash
broken lipstick cases
and pictures where the flash faced us
maced us
like swat tactics
your package i left with reception
including the matching his and hers
how'd we go from his and hers
to "is this hers?" to "it happened on the 3rd?"
"damn... that was my birthday"
but i guess what happens while you were in vegas
comes back to plague us
played love like the numbers
ultimately played ourselves
had us going out of pocket
for expenses in the absence
mother said own your love
don't rent it
as moving out on this downtown view
built for two
but room for none
when the sun rises over the mess made
even the best laid plans
can lie.

Friday, January 21, 2011

roc marciano

music made for chilly nights on the corner... whether you waiting for the streetcar or the re-up (of your wire dvds).

my boxcutter joint of 2010... remixed..

new heat for '11 - sounds like it came straight off the cassette