Tuesday, August 30, 2011

night and day (lyrics)

Initial attraction brought static 
and reactionary postures
Had me claustrophobic in feeling
A release was in queue
She in plain view same day same time
same game same line is how it plays out in my mind
if only I could get my mind into meeting her 
on the street corner
we could develop discourse
and entertain  engagement
of reoccurring thought and body contact
simple math had one plus her equaling us 
forget the token for the bus, miss
we can walk and talk, yes?

we could map out a future in the coffee shop
with a sidewalk view  of passerbys
make sure the moment doesn’t pass us by
get pedestrian with ours, smell flowers 
put away the umbrella for rain showers
our forecast could dismiss the overcast
and see the sun thru the rain
see the pleasure thru the pain
see the months and days
but for now
im living the moment and working the
to take this kinetic and attempt some 
energy between us 
due process and progress
like night and day

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