Friday, February 11, 2011

a love story in reverse... or a breakup

the end
the beginning
and solicitation
is the salutation
the night starts with
fresh off a fifth to deal with
this bitter path
of stepping away from a better half
the record skipped
and the cd scratched
soundtrack to love
is now static
remixed with cigarette ash
broken lipstick cases
and pictures where the flash faced us
maced us
like swat tactics
your package i left with reception
including the matching his and hers
how'd we go from his and hers
to "is this hers?" to "it happened on the 3rd?"
"damn... that was my birthday"
but i guess what happens while you were in vegas
comes back to plague us
played love like the numbers
ultimately played ourselves
had us going out of pocket
for expenses in the absence
mother said own your love
don't rent it
as moving out on this downtown view
built for two
but room for none
when the sun rises over the mess made
even the best laid plans
can lie.

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