Monday, April 12, 2010

leave it all behind... by the foreign exchange

it went from track 8 to track 9
quicker than the street corner release
this was live
sadness in dolby digital
from the house of blues
to a house of blue
hues and blue views
on take off
a window seat close
but far from emergency
so its hectic
coming home to you
but knowing a house
of cards
is the weakest foundation
to stand on
while i'm the
last man standing
holding the joker
all in with a bad pokerface
no king and queen meeting here
like roncesvalles to corktown
on the 504
you were something to behold
our stories now grow sordid
i stumble thru streets
off whiskey sours
sweeter than you
it only took a few nights
to need a daykeeper
looseleaf notice
apply within
preferred experience with
and solo subscription
to issues
love is all or nothing
here i wave
white flags meant for
de fete
in defeat
with the title track on repeat
pointless but still
i wanna know...

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