Monday, March 8, 2010

bleeker street

where no parades were held
no flags were drawn at half-mast
for your first lady
your matriarch
salute only paid in hush tones
carried by the wind
from sherbourne
and wellesley
and along dimmed halls
of fudger house
life stories
told by those
the remnants of a
commonwealth long gone
so bleeker street
where no 21 guns blast
and no live to air in memoriam
just a somber stream
of people
entering 55
carrying the wind
to speak softly
and smile
amidst the tears
smiles for a life lived
tears for a shade lost
a tree grew on bleeker
for many seasons
and for this reason
the wind carries
from the south-east
and regent park
pay their peace
passengers on
the same streetcar
of desire
the 506 passes by
to play
much like the day
it fades away
into the night
as a lone figure
stumbles through
a loyal servant
to the crown
from his days
in the kingdom
weary but wiser
reminiscent of
the houses of aberdeen
and rose
they pause
as the wind howls
and blows
a lamp
flickers out
the men on the corner
have finished
their stout
they take muted steps home
as the city lights
shine upon the throne

the queen is dead
long live the queen

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