Wednesday, January 20, 2010

big box poetic... the intro

2010... old out. new in.

big box poetic is a series of writings i'm working that cover a range of things personal and particular to me whilst interwined with hints of pursuits and passions from my profession and my past... or something like that.

big box poetic
the anti-mixed use plan
with mechanisms equipped for
storage and release of big thoughts
big boxes chase the sun west
a place to rest regroup re-up
retouch a sketch of my soul n heart
photo shopped for promotional purposes
as i shop photos of a previous existence
on the options market
looking for leverage amidst buyers targets
tryin to sell in winter
what i couldn't drop in summer
even tho both seasons be the same
the game told me all season radials
but sold me
static airtime on CB radio
left me assessing checks n balances
but balance hasn't existed
since weight was placed
onto a ship sinking
under the stress of relating
time spent now amounts to something
i'm left contemplating
public consultation
along the avenue
begging for change
but accepting of cash or credit
sometimes i think
just dead it
deal with the debts
in progressive steps
reflect and limit
the waxing poetic
on nostalgic sets
focus on the intersection
and community connects
stage 1 the concept plan
of big box poetic

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