Tuesday, August 4, 2009


this is where
midtown meets
paris st. germain
where rain
meets earth
where city
sound and colour
a disciple
of the call for
changes of scenery
the path to
is beset with
evil men
and maybe
just maybe
all i need is
better set design
a recognition
of hue and tints
learning how
to find solace in
the shadows
my shadow
its another
late night
and there's no
moonlight to
reflect in
this is where
i say nothing
and let
everything else
speak for me
this is where
i see so much
but begin
come to terms
with what could be
dwindling vision
and declining
hand eye coordination
in need of adjusting
my approach
like jordan did
to get thru detroit
while i get thru
avoiding thoughts
of the soon after
because soon after
is a chapter written
but not in the
editing stage
held up on a shelf
in between
and proclivities
as aforementioned
the absence of
to reflect in
leave it to life
to keep class in
with patience
and prevailing winds
comes reflection

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