Monday, June 18, 2007

thinker's traffic

concrete cousin
to writer's block
where thoughts jam
like rush hour
have me scribblin
and scratchin
sidepacking and drifting
pedestrian movement
my movement
like this ink
is stagnant
both might not
make it to the page
lost amidst physiotherapy
and finding
motivational pastries
baked goods
instead of baked bad
searching for anything
because anything
to get the switch on
is a welcome change of
examinations of self
seem like foreign exchanges
with no forecast for a change
in the rate of interest
at the intersection
of economic & chemistry
thinker's traffic is the litmus
of supply & demand
of potential
to go from project to prospect
conflict to conquest
steps to investments
in infrastructure
from more
avenues of contact with her
to freeways built for specific destinations...
some respiration from the congestion

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