Sunday, June 3, 2007

coronations & convocations

i originally hated on his game 5 performance.

poor coaching by Detroit. lack of interior (and perimeter) defense. were among my excuses for basically doing what he did.
but then i took a step back and put down the haterade and actually took in what he did.
29 of his team's last 30, the last 25 points. only player on his team to score in both OTs.

i accept my sentence. unjustful hate.

so on the eve of the most anticipated finals debut EVER.
around the same time when most 22 year olds are walking across the stage getting their paper. the boy who would & could become king, gets his gown ready.

we could be witness to greatness not seen and desperately longed for since the mid 90's.

all that said, spurs in 6.

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