Tuesday, January 9, 2007


some random cat once said "When you're at the edge of a cliff, sometimes progress is a step backwards."
that being said, i wanted to drop something new up on beyondcitylimits...
but things weren't clicking tonite.
so im stepping back, blowing the dust off off something i revisited recently...
with the hopes of possibly getting it right next time around.

i cheographed seven steps to she
but couldn't score the we
lost the syncopation in breaths
form 4/4 time to 'not this time;
I dream to relapse into thoughts
that laid me to sleep...
but you can't be with me tonight
cus its a fight to forget you
and what this could have been
imagine the spin i could have put
on the poem
lost love, gained
love interrupted, then maintained.
so now we use restraint
cause steps into the name of love
is a name we can't use for this
left choregraphing three steps
into nothingness
with us crossed off the list
with the quickness
contrary to how this developed
feeling from far
and moved in to inspect
a chance to lease love
you didnt know my name and
i didn't know game
so i wasn't playin when i said
diggin you was i
me and you should try
but time flies like opportunity
and one day i can cash
these air miles in for unity
for now i flip the dance chart
back to start

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