Friday, January 26, 2007


when demands exceeds capacity
resources become scarce
and congestion sets in
it hits like the 515 northbound
and leaves me in dire need of nyquil
can't sleep, sit or stand still
no room to breathe
and nothing to feed on
left with my notebook and some psalms
scriptutes to cope with this mixture of feelings
distilled but with its impurities
congestion has me looking for
structure within structures
reasoning for my reasons
i'm running from silence
on the search for solitude
trying to find it riding shotgun
in midtown cab rides
or on subway platforms
minutes past 5 in the morning
keeping rhythm to marvin
starvin to find what's goin on
the ecology and the chemistry don't lie
things ain't what they used to be
children leave home, prices rise
and leaves fall
in the middle of it all
is me stuck at the junction
tape deck with no forward
or reverse function

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