Sunday, November 16, 2008

throwback sundays...

Love flow #3 - 02/28/03
I thought
we had levels
felt there was no need to adjust
bass or treble
but cognitive distortion
crossed our llnes of communication
and now i write lines of reminisce
instead of lines of touch and kiss
the lone actor on this stage
i miss u
but the us i miss
is the lone reason
i'm writing on this page
my feelings before i get lead astray
i stop pressing play on songs we vibed to
focus on tryin to
define the line
wishing and thinking
seeing and squinting
becoming and being
cus i am becoming a being
that's trying to blend back
into midtown traffic
but a broken heart stands out
facing south while my last vision of you was north
searching for a system of support
to compensate for not having yours...
just thought we had levels.

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