Tuesday, April 1, 2008

april fool

on the edge of an abyss
looking into the unknown
and seeing nothing past
wanting a new cell phone
im an april fool
entering like a lamb
with a yearning for lamb
roaming danforth
through the moonlight
driven for a gyro and sprite
hunger replaced by memories
of streetlights
and silent walks home
scripting compositions of
daily confrontations
and situations involving
post convocation locations
and how much i can spare
for vacation
'take me to another place'
with streetfront space
a stoop or some crates
for me and mines
to sit on
while youth run
in streets
singing songs
in the key of ...
im an april fool
and every fool
has their day
and everyone
has something to say
to me
at this stage
of the game
i'm steadily building
a city of salt
on sound
planning principles
far from invincible
a simpleton
with synonyms
april fool

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