Thursday, December 27, 2007


so my method of making money nowadays consisting of cutting, serving, learning fish.
so naturally i end up smelling like fish.
generally, i despise this part of my job.
the smell hangs, ppl relocate away from you on the subway.
my sister comments "i hope you don't ever meet people after work, without showering."

so like any other day i smelled fish, but today the smell of fish briefly took me back to childhood.
venturing with my mom to chinatown and kensington market on saturday for the weekly fish and fabric trips . fish (save for the immaculate saltfish aka salted cod) for me was on par with vegetables, i hated it as a kid, so i hated these trips.

we never had kool-aid or candy trips.
fish then. fish now. go figure.

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Modesta said...

You write very well.