Tuesday, March 27, 2007

so sometimes...

immense is the best way to begin
and immense is the only way to end
immensely addicted
immensely in need of rehab
12 step program, stumbling off smirnoff
in a midtown daze
its the midtown days that sting the most
waking up alone and slowing fading
back to black
but in the fade is the beauty
that only me and mr jones
can comprehend
while we attempt to comprehend
how ignorance reigns supreme
and drapes itself in holy cloth
a wolf in sheepskin, cus wool is out of season
and some people are still dreaming
and get caught believing
see, he can only hold her in dream stances
the chance of victory in some unholy war
is like catching the quarter past four home
while stuck in traffic
with a driver who speaks broken english
you know im no good at being on time
or in rhythm
hence why i stopped spitting
and started speaking
started reaching for the
just friends stones
amy said tears dry on their own
assuming they have a place to fall
cus there nothing here
and there's nothing there.
bear with me i lost my pass
so i will have to make change
for the fare
i could walk but right now
its easier to sit and stare
at immense spaces
in immense places


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Jennifer said...

don't forget you missed one ;)